City Hall Figure 2inch .gif

We would like to thank Mayor Tecklenburg for his dedication to helping the Homeless and his enthusiasm and support for this Installation. Without his support, this could not have happened.




The National Installation is an extension of a successful awareness campaign held in Charleston in July 2016.

The goal is to expand the success of the Installation we have experienced in Charleston nationwide. We are asking all of the nations capital city Mayors to place one of these symbolic installation figures in front of their City Hall.

By placing the figures, we are encouraging people to discover the existing organizations in your city that assist the homeless. We are not creating a new organization.

Meadors, Inc. created the Installation to maintain awareness of the people experiencing homelessness in Charleston, South Carolina. Weused the skills of our six workshops to design and digitally fabricate the installation. The cut-outs represent one of the issues the homeless experience –  the majority of people look right through them.

By scanning the QR code on the cutout figure at your City Hall, or typing in the website address www.endhomelessness-installation.com , youbecome a part of a new phase of the awareness campaign to bring nationwide attention to those who find themselves homeless and the organizations that assist them.

We encourage you to visit the website that was created for the Charleston Design Installation, www.charlestonhomeless.com  to see the types of organizations you should look for in your community. People fall into homelessness everywhere. It is not an isolated issue.

With sustained help from the community, the many Organizations, whose mission it is to help the homeless, will be able to create a sustainable system whereby homelessness is temporary and the goal of functional zero is achieved.