• Is the figure provided to us at no cost?

Yes, there is no cost to the City for the figure or shipping

  • Are there any other costs associated with displaying the figure?


  • At the end of the project, is the figure returned to you? Or, does it become property of the City? If it remains with us, what are the conditions attached to it—i.e. can it be displayed elsewhere, disposed of, etc.?

The figure becomes the property of the City, with no conditions attached.

  • What informational/educational materials are provided to assist in informing the public about the project, if any?

The figures have a QR-Code on both sides that directs users to the website http://www.endhomelessness-installation.com   The website explains the purpose of the installation, and gives information on the type of Organizations they might find in your city where they can volunteer.

The Charleston Art Installation had extensive coverage on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox news, as well as front page coverage on the Charleston Post and Courier and multiple other publications. All of these can be seen at http://www.charlestonhomeless.com

We would suggest that you let the press/news outlets know about the figure and what it stands for, and that it is part of a National Campaign to raise awareness. We found that the word spread very quickly once a few reports about homelessness appeared in the press and on TV.

  • What are the general installation requirements—i.e. concrete paid, level ground, grass, stakes, etc.?

It can either be attached to something on the exterior with zip ties that come with the figure, or inside can be freestanding with a cross brace which is included.

  • The letter indicates the figures are to be on display for the month of August. What are time estimates for production/shipping of the figure?

We anticipate shipping the figures in the second week of August. We would like one figure to be in every state at the same time. As this is a National campaign, we hope that the figures can be displayed simultaneously in all 50 States, which we hope can be achieved if they are up for four weeks.